March 29, 2005

Ashton Kutcher: apocalyptic yes, but not consciously.

The New York Times (have you heard of it?) is rapidly approaching the point at which some body, some state or non-state actor or organization, will demand that the paper resign from the industry of cultural commentary. They will have to turn in their gun and badge and probably won't get a pension. One very disturbing recent trend is all of these inane articles about how religion is the next big thing. Give me a fucking break. Best example yet: this article discusses the new trend of religiously branded clothing. I'm guessing that the savvy writer Ruth La Ferla is a total idiot because she treats the "Jesus is my Homeboy" t-shirt, popular among the Ashton Kutcher/psuedo-hipster set, and the "Left Behind" series of books, popular among the fundie/the-rapture-is-imminent set, as two examples of some singular phenomenon. All the while, I'm sitting on the sidelines waiting for journalists to STFU about "spirituality" and all of this other bullshit and finally rediscover and embrace their secularism. Thank "God" for Paul Krugman.
Photo courtesy of the New York Times and our shitty fucking popular culture.

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