March 30, 2005

The Duo

Not often do I get as excited about record releases, but next Tuesday the first album from the Benevento/Russo duo will be released on Ropeadope records. Ropeadope, based out of Brooklyn, is the sucessor of Blue Note records. The Duo has been playing shows for several years and has become a ubiquitous act among summer jazz festivals. The Duo is made up of drums and organ and the album, Best Reason to Buy the Sun, is superb. Right now you can click here to stream their entire album for free. This free stream will be up until the album drops, and Im telling you folks, its worth a few listens. The Duo is having an album release party next Wednesday at the new High Ground in Burlington, so if anyone wants to make the trip up there, you let me know, because Im trying to put something together.

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