March 27, 2005

The Passenger

A bunch of my buddies at Northwestern are involved in a publication called The Passenger. Aside from some good writing, the grapic design and layout is, without question, deserving of much praise. From the editor:

The Passenger is the journal of a generation that doesn’t know whether it’s a generation at all. We’re here to reveal the underground river of commonality that unites us as the world’s first 24-hour, global generation.
We are not “Generation Y” or “The Millenials” or any other marketing epithet. We are the harbingers of a new era when a true global village, yet unborn, will take shape. We are the first to come of age fluent in the Internet, infused with connectivity, never alone. Technology has outpaced our parents, even our older siblings, but the only world we have ever known is the world of constant flux. We therefore have the potential to be the first generation never left in the dust.
This magazine is the first artifact of a multimedia collaboration of the writers, artists, thinkers and leaders of our emerging generation. The magazine and our Web site,, are dedicated to home-grown discussion of our own lives and times. And we’re growing.
We want your stories, your art and your ideas. Answer the call. Write! Contribute! Open up a Passenger bureau on your campus. Together we will assert our mastery of the era of rapid change.
Graham Webster

I’m proud to say that several of the guys/gals working on this magazine have the same journalistic roots as myself, which is to say we all worked together on the same high school newspaper, The Falconer. Anyway, The Passenger is certainly the snazziest college publication I've seen, and I recommend that everyone check it out. Props to Josh, Felipe, Jim, Oscar, and Dot for getting involved in a worthwhile project that will certainly enrich our lives. I urge you to also check out the layouts, because I swear this stuff is daring and challenging and artistic and most importantly, successful. Also, check out, where you can see more of their work (and maybe buy a t-shirt). The new Passenger is due out on 4/16. I'll be sure to secure a few copies for us Dartmouth folk, and if anyone wants a copy of Issue 0, send me an email and I'll see what I can do.


  1. That does look nice. I just put up a permanent link.

  2. yes, the layouts are definitely sweet