April 28, 2005

A Smart Investment?

Social Security reform is no Operation Iraqi Freedom. After weeks of stumping across the country in an attempt to build support for one of his key domestic policy issues this term, social security, Bush has failed to make significant gains in approval for his private accounts initiative. I, along with the majority of Americans, agree that Social Security needs to be carefully reexamined and tweaked in the coming years. However, few have bought into Bush’s murkily defined investment accounts which appear convoluted and esoteric to the common American. The public seems more concerned with the facts and a clearly defined strategy when it involves their own social welfare than when it involves that of people they don’t have to see every day and will probably never have to.

Pundits often refer to social security of the “third rail” of politics. The President, starting to realize the truth of this aphorism, is holding a press conference tonight to discuss social security reform and energy policy among other issues. White House mouthpiece Scott McClellan declared that Bush is ready to ''talk in more specific ways about his ideas for making Social Security permanently sound,'' in an attempt to save what is rapidly becoming one of his party’s most visible domestic policy failures since taking office is 2000.

Condi and all the erroneous intelligence reports in the world won’t be able to save this sinking ship. I hope for his sake and the future social security of millions of Americans including myself that we hear a solid and lucid strategy for tackling this problem tonight rather then the claptrap offered in the last State of the Union address.

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