April 7, 2005


As an activist and outspoken liberal on the Dartmouth campus for the last three and a half years, I have participated in many different forms of protest in Hanover and other cities in the U.S. I am a person deeply disturbed by the events in Darfur and have joined the week of fasting, in which participants all give up something (coffee, cigarettes, etc.) for a week, garner sponsors, and donate whatever they can to the Genocide Intervention Fund while simultaneously raising awareness about current events in Darfur. My colleague on this blog, Ariel, is also part of this action. I hate to admit it, but perhaps I am jaded in wondering whether this will do any good for raising awareness? Any money raised will be put to use by reliable sources, but if I walk around with a green armband for a week will people actually take five minutes out of their day to care about what is happening a world away from them?

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  1. Scott Anderson9:37 AM

    I think the fact that we had like 100 people meeting to work on this at the term's kickoff meeting and several committee meetings happening regularly with plenty of people speaks to the power we can have, especially if working in concert with other colleges around the country. Yes, some people will continue not to care, but there've been a lot of people at DAG meetings who I've never seen at activisty meetings before, so it makes me optimistic.