May 16, 2005

Deliver Us from Liberty

According to Sean "Scream" Hannity, Sean Hannity addressed the graduating class of Jerry Falwell's Liberty "University" over the weekend. He also recieved an honorary doctorate. On the show he hosts with Alan "Whimper" Colmes, Mr. Hannity demanded that Mr. Colmes address him as "Dr. Hannity." Taking his most contrary position ever, Mr. Colmes referred to Mr. Hannity as "Mr. Hannity."

I'm sure it was a rousing commencement speech. According to news reports, Hannity told Bill and Hillary Clinton jokes and encouraged graduates of the "University" to "bring others out of moral darkness." On a related note, I can't find a FIRE rating for Liberty "University."

I'm just going to preempt the obvious response by smart cons by saying that, yes, the only point of this post is to mock two of the easiest targets for mockery in all of con-dom.

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