May 9, 2005

Ethicist naïve?

I guess that like many other liberal (and conservative?) blogs, making fun of the New York Times is our bread and butter. In that vein, I'm going to go out on a limb and call Randy Cohen, the ethicist, shockingly naïve. Anonymous from Charlotte, NC writes asking whether it is ethical to destroy the copies of Focus on the Family magazine displayed at the local YMCA by the Christian Emphasis Committee. This is a political magazine put together by the group of arch-con James Dobson (a brief MO: one of the single most important political figures of the radical right, not a big fan of women or homosexuals). I don't know anything about Mr. Cohen's politics, but as far as the ethical decisionmaking of Anonymous and this blog goes, I think that having consideration for people this morally repugnant is simply unneccessary. We are in a motherfucking culture war, and the other side is not afraid to cut a few throats (metaphorically speaking of course). We can no longer afford to maintain the moral high ground because we've paid the price of political erosion. Now, Anonymous' choice in this situation is not particularly pivotal, but it did serve as a good jumping off point into a discussion we should have. Leave comments: how should ethical people deal with enemies who behave in patently unethical ways (Karl Rove, DeLay, every republican at this college, etc.)? Note to Dartmouth cons: Please appreciate the levity in that last sentence before you lambast me.

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