May 11, 2005

How Would Jesus Vote?

If God could vote, it would obviously have been for Bush. At least that's what one NC Baptist preacher believes. The members of a Baptist Church in Waynesville, North Carolina had to listen to their preacher, a Rev. Chan Chandler, wax poetic over the virtues of voting for President Bush as opposed to Democratic nominee Kerry throughout the election due to their positions on abortion. Baptists planning to vote for Kerry were told to "repent or resign" from the church. In fact, Rev. Chandler ousted 9 members of his congregation due to their failure to support Dubya, prompting his resignation yesterday. This is such a blatant example of the ever-increasing discrimination against people of faith. If they can't get judges to impose their conservative agenda on other people and ministers aren't allowed to tell their parishioners how to vote, how are people going to know what to think? God forbid people form their own moral beliefs, literally.

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