May 9, 2005

Joe Trippi Coming to Dartmouth

Joe Trippi will be at Dartmouth this Friday to participate in a conference co-sponsored by the Cyber-Disciplinarity Humanities Institute. He will give a public lecture entitled "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," which happens to be the name of his new book, at 1pm in the Loew Auditorium.

As a Deaniac I'll definitely be there (though we all know Trippi resigned before the end of the race).

I love the fact that when I was pulling up Amazon to insert a link to Trippi's book, the "related search" listed was Ari Fleischer.

If you have ever wondered exactly where the phrase "the revolution will not be televised" originated, before it was the title of Trippi's book or a documentary about Venezuela, read on. The phrase is the title of an incredible song by political artist Gil Scott-Heron. So now you can stop pretending to understand the reference in conversation and actually know.

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