May 9, 2005

Left out, but not just us...

Our friends at the Review have left us out of their article about blogs. In fact, they've left out all of Dartmouth's political blogs aside from making a passing reference to their own and to another blog and to another that is spelled like their own but with the addition of the letter 'b.' The majority of the article concentrates on criticizing members of the class of '08 who keep personal journals for posting about their sex lives. This criticism, of course, takes the form of reprinting these posts about the sex lives of said '08s. Seriously, the Review needs to give better coverage to Dartmouth blogs. I'm sure any of the frequent contributors to their blog could do much better than this Kevin Parkman fellow. I suppose that the poor job he did only reflects this paper's growing irrelevance.

EDIT: Apparently the Review staff uses "Kevin/Karen Parkman" as a psuedonym when they don't want to attach a real name to an article. I think that, in this case, they made the right choice.

1 comment:

  1. Parkman is a pseudonym used often for review articles in which the writer is too lame to put their own name.

    In other news, I kind of like the dartmouth review's newfound acceptance for this sort of tabloid-style journalism within its pages. I just wonder when they'll make the jump from talking about the sex lives of students (who the fuck cares?) to the good stuff... you know, like whats going on with celebrities and shit. Stuff I can use, man.