May 17, 2005

Reading Surveys and the Dictionary

A recently released Gallup poll found that 75% of Americans polled supported euthanasia. The survey also seemed to indicate that a small but signifant portion of Americans either don't know what euthanasia is or are easily manipulated by emotional wording (either explanation works out in the cons' favor). When asked whether they supported doctor-assisted suicide, only 58% of the same group of Americans said yes. Other intesting findings include that 61% of Evangelical Christians support "euthanasia" and 32% support "doctor assisted suicide," a difference of 29%. The average difference was 17%, supporting my belief that the Evangelical Christians are a bunch of Bible-thumping morons. When asked if they would want their life support removed when "in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of significant recovery," the answer was a resounding yes across all groups of people, even Evangelical Christians (70%). Looks like House and Senate Republicans need to pay more attention to their constituents next time they ponder superceding their constitutionally mandated powers.


  1. Joe Malchow9:02 PM

    I have a habit of copying other peoples' blog posts and acting as if they're my own.

    Two examples:

    1. Commenting on a WH press conference Drudge covered (he's my main source of news), I titled my post: "ONLY A SITH THINKS IN ABSOLUTES" (6:38 pm,

    Drudge's title of his article on the press conference, from 35 minutes before: "REVENGE OF THE SITH PRESS: REPORTERS RIP BUSH SPOKESMAN OVER NEWSWEEK MESS" (

    I thought the Star Wars reference was too good to pass up, because Star Wars is life.

    2. Commenting on Kofi Anan and Iran at 6:22pm, I titled my post: "ANNAN WARNS BUSH THAT SECURITY COUNCIL IS USELESS" (

    James Taranto's comment on the same article, from over two hours earlier: "Annan: U.N. Is Useless" (

    Really, we thought of the same title for the same article independently.

    Long story short: people should read my blog because I have creative, original coverage like this that nobody else would ever see. Ever. Aren't I totally sweet?

  2. Anonymous9:48 PM

    joe's dartblog should never be read again by anyone after this piece of wisdom from him:

    John Derbyshire is exactly correct. If you are from an English-speaking nation, you speak English. If you speak English, you pronounce foreign words as standard English pronunciation would dictate. Therefore, the correct pronunciation of 'latino' is LAT-in-oh, not La-TEEN-oh. This issue was particularly irritating for me when I was in high school, and I would listen to WNYC (NPR in New York) every morning. The regional news, anchored by good speaker Soterios Johnson (who is from Jersey), features New York beat reporter Cindy Rodriguez. This girl, who grew up in Texas, should not be on the radio. She signed off every report saying, "For WNYC, I'm Cindy Rrrrod-RRRRigeZZ." I instinctively stopped short whenever I heard that sign-off; thinking that a rabid raccoon- possibly possessed- had somehow entered my truck's otherwise mild mannered Bose sound system. But no. It is Cindy Rodriguez, Texan. An English-speaker. Doing a report in English. In New York. About New York.

    Except for that last clink of unfettered idiotry. Stop it, Cindy Rodriguez, or you shall be forced to change your last name to Smith.

    UPDATE: Another bad one is 'croissant'. I have five years of French training under my belt and can affect a very good French accent. But in America, one orders a cro-SANT.

    kill yourself malchow

  3. wow, I don't really see the connection between my post and the evilness that is dartblog but I'll back it.