May 13, 2005

Stop Hammer Time

Tom Delay continued his ad hominem defense yesterday at a black tie gala thrown in his honor. Instead of addressing any of the numerous charges against him, he declared that his whole legal mess is merely a result of partisan politics. He stated that the Dems have "no class" among a slew of other insults. I think it's so pathetic that the only rebuttal Delay can offer in his defense is school-yard name calling against the Democratic Party. The evidence must be mounting because accusing the accuser is such a blatant last ditch effort of the guilty. Call it schadenfreude, but I can't wait for his investigation to begin so we can get this morally repugnant chiseler out of a leadership position. I should probably hold off on my celebration though as he'll probably be replaced with another racist or crook, which seem to be the only cons (pun intended) capable of leading the Republican House these days.

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