May 27, 2005

Ten Seconds to Spare

When my trusty yet bulky Nokia finally died last spring, I opted for an almost high-tech camera phone. I declined the uberchic video cellphone, because I just don't need that much technology in general. However, if I had had the foresight to predict the Ten Second Film Festival, perhaps I would have upgraded higher.

The Ten Second Film Festival is asking for ten second video clips recorded on any object that is NOT "primarily a video camera." No editing allowed. Winners receive a hamburger and beer from a restaurant in Minneapolis.

I can't decide if this endeavor is a slap in the face to filmmaking or an interesting endeavor to combine art and technology. Thoughts? Go crazy in the comments section if you have an opinion.

No matter what, I will personally buy a beer and hamburger for any Dartmouth student who enters and wins the Ten Second Film Contest in any of their ten categories.

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