May 3, 2005

Twelve more reasons to hate Nick

Maybe you've noticed, but there is nothing going in the news right now. Everyone in Washington still has their panties in a bunch after Laura's comedic masterpiece, so much so that it seems like they have taken the week off on Capitol Hill. Because of the general malaise that has followed Laura’s most memorable moment (I did actually enjoy it), I've had ample time to think about and Google my least favorite living author, Nick McDonell. I didn't realize until I read this Guardian article that this kid was such a sensation. Published in 9 languages! Are you kidding me!? All he did was drop a little stinking turd out of his ass! 9 Languages later he is a literary virtuoso!

Nick’s new novel, After the Quake, takes on the hefty topic of 9/11 (I bet you couldn't tell from that o so tactful title). My prediction: McDonell will write another less than mediocre novel, but it won't matter because James Joyce will rise from the grave along with Beckett and Hemmingway to give McDonell the best blurbs anyone has ever seen and then he will published in 68 different languages before he is hailed as the next Faulkner.

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  1. Little known fact: Hunter S. Thompson shot himself out of shame for blurbing Twelve