June 26, 2005

If we stop proliferating the "values voter" meme, it will go the way of the dino!

Daily Kos take note! Only the exclamation point can properly express the urgency of our political moment.

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  1. Exactly. In fact, instead of worrying over the values voters, Dems ought to be reducing the Cons to nothing but the values voters. Make Repub the party of James Baker, Rev. Dobson, etc., by poaching the Centrists who'd previously voted Red over worries about Dem corruption, Dem weakness on foreign policy, and Dem overspending. That means becoming the party of restraint and clean government, two things already accomplished by Howard Dean, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and, to some extent, John Kerry.
    But we still have to get serious about the military and foreign policy. We need more than ideas; we need an over-arching foreign policy philosophy that can be sold to the American people.
    We do that, and we can marginalize cultural conservatives and, with them, the entire Republican party. The way to win the culture way is through foreign policy and a tough liberalism that emphasizes strong defense and just war.