June 1, 2005


Joe Malchow reports: "Posting will be light over the next few days, as final exams are nearing." Oh my God! Where will I go for misleading and poorly written drivel?

[This post was a tribute to Joe Malchow. For this reason, I wrote it in the Joe Malchow style: as short as possible, just a link and a few words of snide and mean-spirited spin.]


  1. You gotta wonder how his grades are. He claims to (plan to) be an English major, displays an incredible self-satisfaction with his knowledge of stupid prescriptive rules for the language, but then commits hilarious grammatical mistakes while just writing poorly in general, smattering of Dictionary.com Words of the Day notwithstanding.

    If I were an English professor (specter of fate) who had him as a student, I'd make him cry until he dropped the major. While wholly respecting his politics, of course.....

  2. Anonymous2:26 AM

    Trisomy-21 - still way too fucking bitter...

  3. les show de télé réalité c nulle

  4. He can't be doing that well. On the last day of my US National Security class, I decided to be a good student and sit up close for once. I glanced to my right and who did I see but none other than Mr. Malchow. He spent the whole class on his laptop designing graphics for dartlog and looking at his archives.

  5. Perhaps my tribute was premature. Monsieur Malchow has already made 17 posts on his "blog" today. Many were even longer than a single sentence.