July 21, 2005

Now I Can Be Even Later To Work

NYC subway riders will soon have to start leaving for their destinations one or two minutes earlier. Starting tomorrow morning, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will begin randomly searching the bags of commuters at subway stations, commuter rails (except to NJ, because face it, what self-respecting terrorist wants to bomb the armpit of NYC?), and bus lines throughout the city. This new policy continues in the proud post-9/11 history of enacting onerous procedures that waste time and money without making anyone safer. Travelers who refuse to be searched are permitted to leave the station without penalty or prejudice, free to enter another station or pass their parcel off to anyone else. I'm not really surprised by this useless new law though. After all, the illusion of security is all that matters come election time and Bloomberg needs to make up for that failed Olympics campaign somehow.


  1. It is now a police state.

  2. Come on, dweebs. How many times have your civil liberties been violated since 2001?

    More to the point, what's so invasive or undesirable about this law? Intelligence indicates that plots against the Bklyn. Bridge, for instance, were called off because the area was supposedly "hot." This on the basis of a few police scooters and unmarked cars at the entrance to the Bridge.

    In the absence of sensible fiscal policy on the issue on the federal level, this is our best recourse. Mr Wukoson's comment that "it is now a police state" suggests a nearly incomprehensible lack of sophistication, a troubling lack of worldliness, &c. View again the photos released this AM by Scotland Yard of yesterday's would-be bombers, and judge for yrself which "state" is more "police."

  3. PS Asinine comment on the failed Olympics plot. Did you grow up in New York, or are you just on temporary, rich-kid sojourn? Or maybe you just don't follow NYC development. Bloomberg has overcompensated in recent weeks with privately-funded new stadia for Yankees and Mets, a likeable plan for Penn Station transport hub. In addition to Coney Island continued revitalization (reminded by announcement of Parachute Jump redesign contest winners), I'd say a lot is going on in New York for which Mr Bloomberg may well take credit.

    The funniest thing about it is that people assume that his nominal status as "Republican" automatically makes him a GOP shill. That's how polarized it is with the shrieks at the edge of my party. And that's why we're going to keep on losing ground.

    Don't believe me? Just punch Howard Dean's arm for a new, controversy-generating, insensitive, inane comment.

  4. Mr Wukoson's comment that "it is now a police state" suggests a nearly incomprehensible lack of sophistication, a troubling lack of worldliness, &c.

    Clearly you lack the readerly sense to detect a sort of understated irony, conveyed through oversimplification. You should take some time to familiarize yourself with the body of my posts. After having done so, you will eat your words.

    P.S. I don't dislike Bloomberg.

  5. Would it be infra dig to engage you further, Mr Wukoson? I think so, but that does not deter me.

    Your comment is presumptuous. You trumpet gifts as a writer that you simply don't possess. If you were Dorothy Parker, for instance, and I'd failed to pick up on one of your little asides, that would be one thing. But you, Mr Wukoson, are just a college student, and not nearly so talented a writer as you would have yourself believe.