July 7, 2005

Question: Who is even crazier than fundie cons?



  1. George, you are so narrow-minded.
    They aren't crazy at all.
    If you just paid the $11 million to reach Operating Thetan #8, you'd understand why the Galactic Tyrant Xenu had to destroy all the psychiatrists.
    you would understand!

    whatever. they're all rich, and clearly, fucking idiots. if they wanna waste their money, who's to stop them.

  2. Actually, now that I think of it, is there a way to get them to use their money and influence to help Democrats? We're probably the party more intimately tied to psychiatry, but there has to be a way to ally with these nuts.

  3. Your right, they should fit right in...

  4. Whose right? Oh, you mean "you're right." I suppose that's a petty grammar correction, but feetballbill did erroneously accuse me of misusing "simulacral." Anyway, I'd gladly welcome crazies into the Democratic party so long as they don't make any specific demands, shut their mouths, and vote for Democrats. Republicans have learned, however, that you can't really pull this off. Bush has tried to shirk off his campaign promises to the fundies and focus on slaying Social Security, but Dobson & co. haven't let him off the hook. I guess the old saying is true: "Nullum gratuitum prandium." That's a Latin phrase meaning: "All hail Xenu!"