September 8, 2005

How to help Katrina victims

Long time, no post, eh? I stated at graduation that I had to bow out from writing for the Little Green Blog, due to time constraints and dial-up connections at my home in CA.

However, in the wake of Katrina I decided to see if I was still eligible to post. Lo and behold I can still sign in and write something, so here goes.

If you're wondering about ways to donate to the victims of Katrina, check out They have a comprehensive breakdown of how different charities spend their money: efficiency ratings, annual income/outcome, CEO salaries, etc. The Red Cross is a generic fallback donor, but there are also local groups such as the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, who could do a lot of good with anything you can spare. I've had a lot of experience with local charity orgs and food banks, and even $25 goes a long way.

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