February 2, 2006

The Cartoon Face that Launched a Thousand Letters

As reported in the New York Times today, a diplomatic fire storm has broken out between Europe and the Islamic world over an "Anti-Islamic" cartoon published in some European newspapers. Trouble arrived when Denmark's Jyllands-Posten published 12 cartoons lampooning "Islam's intolerance and its links to terrorism."

The article also states, "Many Muslims complain that the cartoons reinforce a dangerous confusion between Islam and the Islamist terrorism that the vast majority of Muslims abhor." Soon after this statement we are also informed that the Danish newspaper has received two bomb threats even after apologizing for the cartoons.

The most frightening event to come out of this standoff happened in Gaza filled with residents elated by recent election results:

Late Wednesday morning, about a dozen gunmen from two armed groups here appeared at the European Union, firing off automatic weapons and spray painting a warning on the outside gate:

"Closed until an apology is sent to Muslims."

The men handed out a pamphlet warning Denmark, Norway and France that they had 48 hours to apologize.

The office, staffed only by Palestinians at the time, reportedly received a telephone warning that the gunmen were coming, and was quickly closed.

The irony of the whole incident is rich. Not just because the employees the terrorists would have harmed are fellow Palestinians, but also that the terrorists protested the disrespectful link between Islam and violence, by threatening more violence. Frightening European nations is certainly not be a good start for a Palestine hoping for a future prosperous economy.

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  1. One of my fraternity brothers suggested that the angry folks should explain these before they go waving guns around and getting indignant.