January 26, 2005

Raging and blogging

After three years of the same scene and having sown most of my wild oats as it were I am a little less excited about the prospect of going out at Dartmouth than I once was. I have generally lacked motivation to go out hard on Wednesdays recently. And what with three classes and a thesis I have plenty of work to do. I wouldn't go out tonight if it weren't for one thing, this blog. After all it is supposed to concern the social scene at Dartmouth and is in dire need of a good launch. So I figure I owe it to this blog and the world to go out and hard tonight, if only to collect some blogfodder of blotto follies, inspired pong confabulation, unbearably awkward encounters and the like. Why isn't blotto a more popular word by the way? Of all words meaning inebriated it is dearest to me. Who ever thought a blog would be another reason to get wasted?

January 25, 2005


An apporpriate beginning to this belated blog. I am going to bed now.