June 13, 2009

Don't Call It A Comeback

Hello Little Green Bloggers, Nathan Bruschi here.

I've been trying to wrestle this blog from the cold, dead, graduated hands of one, Niral Shah '08, and thus far with little success. It strikes me tragic that such a storied center of campus debate as this one would whimper in to the forgotten shadows of history. With Wheelock as my witness, I intend to forestall its demise!

You may have noticed the emergence of a fascinating little organization, The Dartmouth Political Union, which some colleagues and I started a few terms back. The DPU aims to become a nexus of student political interaction by promoting and organizing political ideologies on campus and then pitting them together in constructive debate. Until we can get back on our feet here, and baring something better to do, I see LGB's place as an online community surrounding Union activities. Don't worry, we'll still give DartBlog and DartLog a run for their money with campus gossip, but I thought I'd make our bent clear from the get go.

So here we are. Hopefully someone will give me admin privileges so I can invite the other contributors waiting in the wing. Keep checking back to see if they ever do.

Keep it chill, Dartmouth, and let everyone know we're back.
Nathan Bruschi