November 30, 2006

Bored at Baker

If you're a Dartmouth student, you probably already know about this by now, but this site is quite... enlightening regarding the quality of the minds I go to school with.

Anyway, this is the kind of junk that gets put on there. No entries are attributed in any way.
10:29:39 pm what's a good gpa at dartmouth anyway?
10:30:05 pm 3.5?
10:37:12 pm dartmouth is one big closet. lots of closeted gays.
10:41:21 pm good gpa at dartmouth - doesn't mean shit

9:04:31 pm meow
9:12:43 pm i am a cat rapist
9:13:19 pm meow
9:13:28 pm this is me raping you
9:14:19 pm meow
9:16:05 pm MEOW
9:16:11 pm will you rape me in the stacks?
9:16:17 pm meow
9:21:01 pm your mom throwing away your crappy kindergarten fingerpaintings: your mom wants to destroy art and history

earlier (apparently in response to the same meower):
8:21:47 pm who wastes they're time annoying 8 people on a website? what a pathetic shortcocked pussy
8:18:46 pm i hope someone skins you then hangs you upside down you fucking cat

9:53:52 pm im doing a certain psychoactive drug right nowwww for the first time, i'm very excited!

God. You know, there are reasons why society frowns on most people thinking aloud.

On the other hand, there is this clever observation:
yesterday @ 3:34 pm there is a preponderance of snarky conservatives on here because the liberals are either too busy getting laid or having friends

But then, there's always more of this than that:
3:13:37 pm I just don't get it, I've been seeing soooooo many hot bitches this year. It's not like last year at all. The ladies are working it.

And someone just used the n-word. good job fellas.

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  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I recall similar feelings about my peers when I was at Dartmouth. Disappointing, but what can you do?

    We all have either stress to vent or thoughts that probably shouldn't see the light of day. To these folks' credit, at least they vent anonymously in a forum that no one's likely to care much about. Better there than in the newspaper or in conversations with real people.

    The 8:21:47 comment may be the best one, just for the irony.