November 21, 2006

Dartmouth Basketball

I hadn't heard about this, but I read about it on IvyGate blog, so it must be true:
The Big Green are statistically the worst team in college basketball so far this year, losing all three of their games by an average of more than 31 points.
Wow, and I thought the football team was embarrassing us!


  1. Anonymous6:25 PM

    "Wow, and I thought the football team was embarrassing us!"

    Nope, just our athletic director.

  2. Zing!

    But I mean, seriously, why would anyone want to be Dartmouth's athletic director? It would be like taking the job of Paul Giamatti's beauty consultant. And don't get me wrong--I love Giamatti! Just not for his looks.

  3. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Well, for one it's a relatively low pressure job as athletic directors go, especially compared to say, Texas or Michigan. All you have to do is hit the alums up for money and not stir the pot (oops).

    It's basically the same reason you'd want to coach at an Ivy League school; with few exceptions (Princeton basketball, Cornell hockey, and the like), you can stay pretty much as long as you want without worry of being fired, even if your career winning percentage is .400 or less. And you generally have fewer problem athletes to deal with.

    But it's not like you'll see too many outsiders gunning for the job. I think it'll always go to either alums or longtime personnel like Harper who work their way up the administrative ladder.