June 2, 2005

A little police brutality

...for your pleasure:

Woman getting shot by Taser, from PalmBeachPost.com


  1. After reviewing the video a few times, it looked like the officer may have been justified in the use of the taser the first it was used, though his argument would be tenuous.

    The second tasering, when the woman was already on the ground, was completely unnecessary, brutal, and wrong.

  2. your comment on the second tasering is pretty fucking sure of itself. im curious what position youre in to make a moral judgement on police brutality?

  3. as a rational observer of an act overwhich I have no control or interest in and one which is past and done with.

    The woman was on the ground. She was screaming bloody murder. She was, as we see over the next 2 minutes of her screaming how she can't get up, incapacitated.

    what's your take?

  4. Anonymous2:58 AM

    i think bennat was just being obnoxious. stfu bennat