September 30, 2005

Jail Finally Throws Out NYT Reporter

Well, not quite, but Judith Miller finally left jail, promising to testify before a grand jury in regards to the Plame case.

Given that the source she was supposedly protecting, Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney's COS, gave her the go ahead to testify awhile ago, many are skeptical of her motives for staying in the clink.

WaPo suggests she was doing so to salvage her journalistic reputation (seriously damaged after her inaccurate reporting on Iraq) by becoming a martyr for journalistic freedom. Joe Malchow concurs, quoting GB Shaw in support. Josh Marshall, usually the pick to click for catching all the little nuances of tricky and confusing situations like this one, is unusually silent. (However, his blogging about DeLay is really good--if you'd like to track the decline and fall of the Texan rep, follow it there.)

But doesn't it stand to reason that if all Miller wanted to do was impale herself on the sword of journalistic freedom, she could have left a long time ago? Getting jailed was enough--it's not like people have been eagerly following her 'plight' since. I am inclined to believe the nasty WaPo column is more about sour competition between papers than about the real issue, but there is still a lot to explain.

However, I'll go ahead and solve it for you:
Judith Miller just wanted to take advantage of the free exercise room at the jail. NY gym membership fees are a bitch.

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