July 2, 2006

This is just too funny not to post about

The Right Brothers — Back Again

Brian with The Right Brothers was kind enough to send along the band’s newest release, “Remember: A Military Appreciation Project.” The new album was released on June 13 (and is available for purchase here). It is a collection of old and new songs from the heterodox rock group which a year ago made millions of bookmark lists with the addictive music video “Bush Was Right”.

The “Remember” disc is certainly more somber than previous albums—there are no tinkling, rhyming explications of trickle-down economics, for example—since it focuses on, primarily, the war in Iraq and the marital pain the war is causing. My favorite track from the disc, one which may be specially apt as Independence Day approaches, is “Native Son,” a soldier’s anthem. Unlike “Trickle Down” and “Bush Was Right,” this song does not lay out any line of argumentation. It is a little piece of atmosphere—of, as the song says, “man-made hell.” I include the first minute and a half of the song below.
You know, I'd really like to believe that Joe has his tongue firmly installed in his cheek here, but I'm kind of, well, skeptical.

But, anyway, count on conservatives to gain from and commodify patriotic angst--every time.

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  1. Andrew:
    You and Joe need to team up. You two together would make a great "Hannity and Colmes" of the blogosphere.

    This is said with tongue-only-partway-in-cheek! Both of you have improved(matured) in your writing and editorializing, and can develop an extended readership on topics beyond Dartmouth.

    Just cut me in for 10% of the franchise monies for suggesting it.