October 2, 2006

I should have thought of that

Michael Belinsky:
The Pope's own speech contains perhaps the greatest insight into comparative politics: the intolerable quote he cites comes from a dialogue between a Byzantine and a Persian. The Byzantine made his argument in a reasoned, reasonable and scholarly dialogue. The Persian listened and rebutted. Notice the lack of violence and the tolerance of speech: and this, in the 14th century! How can dialogue about Holy War take place 800 years ago, but mere mention of it in today's enlightened, liberalized society ushers forth death and destruction? The answer, perhaps, is globalization.
And the scales fall from my eyes.

By the way, from now on, the answer to everything will always be "globalization."

Google's stock price? Globalization.

Global warming? Globalization.

Why did Ashlee Simpson get her nose fixed? Globalization.

Why am I writing this? Globalization.

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