February 25, 2007


There is now (I'm sure you're overwhelmed) "a much-needed alternative to Wikipedia, which is increasingly anti-Christian and anti-American," and it is called Conservapedia.

Conservapedia is "a conservative encyclopedia you can trust," and, in case you've been worried, has a handy list of "examples of bias in Wikipedia." Thank G-d for that. And it's already had great social impact—"A Conservapedia contributor helps defeat mandatory vaccination; Merck cancels its million-dollar lobbying effort." I have no idea what this Merck thing is, but defeating mandatory vaccinations sounds like fun. Where do I sign up?


  1. Impressive! My favorite example of bias on their list is that wikipedia does not contain a sufficiently rigorous discussion of "elementary proof"--because as we all know, imaginary numbers are the tools of communists.

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Is this an ironic Colbert-like schtick, or is this real? Not all conservatives are morons, but the morons can be really loud sometimes.

  3. Merck was lobbying state legislatures to mandate HPV vaccines in schools. Gov. Rick Perry (R) signed an order that all sixth grade girls must get the vaccine, but the state leg is going to overturn it. Merck has since given up on the campaign. I don't know anything about bloggers being involved - man, the blogosphere takes itself way too seriously.