May 25, 2010

SAE's Cocaine Party Affidavit

Bored@Baker is quickly reinventing itself as Dartmouth's version of WikiLeaks. When news broke that Dartmouth students had been arrested for cocaine use, B@B already had the names. As The Dartmouth sat on the story until it broke in the Valley News and Union Leader, Bored@Baker continues to fill in the gaps of our knowledge.

Fighting back, The D has gone for the win and linked to THIS ARREST WARRANT AND AFFIDAVIT ripe with juicy details from the protagonists' mouths. It has everything: girls 'who want to hook up with you', property destruction, nasty emails, snorting cocaine off of composite portraits, copious amounts of drinking, a tabard party, people peeing all over everything in retaliation, and a whole lot of name-dropping. For an abbreviated version, without any of the witness tampering stuff, check out THIS OTHER WARRANT.

The post has been updated.

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  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Wow. Way to shit on the d and then use their info.

    (Also, good call not leaving up the first version of this post since it shows how ridiculous you are.)