November 2, 2010

Voting 2010: New Hampshire Second

Ayotte Wins, Lynch Narrowly Ahead.

Polls will close here shortly, and here's the latest from the Granite State:

Bass (R): 50.5
Kuster (D): 44.4

11 percent reporting.

*Ayotte (R): 63
Hodes (D): 34

11 percent reporting.

NH Governor:

Lynch (D): 50
Stephen (R): 48

11 percent reporting.

The Bass-Kuster race will likely tighten as Hanover and other Democratic areas report, but Bass will probably maintain his lead. Lynch's lead will shrink but he will win the race. Hodes's lead disappeared when Merrimack and Hillsborough Counties reported, and Hodes will likely lose.

Aside: Anyone who's been following the Rand Paul circus might be interested to hear that the Washington Post and New York Times have called the Kentucky senate race for Paul. Dr. Paul currently holds 56 percent of ballots to Conway's 44 percent.

Update: Joe Manchin III will win the West Virginia senate contest, making the probability of a Republican takeover of the upper house very low. The hilariously scary Christine O'Donnell will lose her contest in Delaware.

Update: Expectedly, Dartmouth alumnus John Hoeven '79 (R) will win the North Dakota senate contest by a wide margin.

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  1. Anonymous1:49 AM

    The hilariously scary Christine O' Donnell will lose. Why bother with a baseless slam like this? What does it add to anything? Is it the need to take a cheap shot? Give someone a gratuitous kick when they have taken nothing but gratuitous kicks? You don't like unfair attacks? It looks selective to me.