June 9, 2006

Anyone know what's going on? - UPDATE

HPo raids AD, carts off "10 boxes and two large bags of evidence... along with... a videotape, two sledgehammers and a computer".

The Dartmouth and the AP wire mention that an investigation has been going on since October of 2004. I will not speculate as to what this could mean or what could have been the object of this search, but I'll certainly be very interested to find out.

Update: So the main rumor appears to be true, although the D isn't known for its journalistic integrity or anything. According to an update on The Dartmouth's website, the raid is linked to a sex tape made by an '03 AD. The popular version of the rumor also says the tape may be a bequest passed down in the house, and links at its highest levels to G. Gordon Liddy himself, possibly even Vice President Cheney. Horrifying mental imagery aside, if this proves to be true, it will be hard to see how the college responds to this any more favorably than it did to Zete's transgressions.

Update 2: Dean Larimore has sent a blitz out to the campus essentially restating the facts in the original AP reports but divulging nothing more.


  1. Anonymous4:28 PM

    The sledgehammers (seen in the picture) look like tools brought by the police and not evidence. They are not tagged or wrapped.

  2. The rumours are already flying, and of course, each one is compared to the infamous Zete papers. Its hard to imagine how something of this magnitude won't have larger repercussions, although the administration is probably less sensitive than it was in the wake of SLI and the Zete incident. While Zete was made into a posterboy for upsetting the college, at least there wasn't any serious police involvement (right?). Anywho, we here at LGB will keep you posted.

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    The rumor I heard was that they were looking for child porn.

    Valley News here:

    That would tend to explain the seizure of the computer.

  4. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Anyone know why Dartlog took down their posting on this, and then erased my comment calling them out for doing so? Seems sketch even for TDR to do.

  5. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Maybe because Jimmy Larimore sent out the campus blitz asking people not to speculate and whatnot.
    you know, the more I think about this, the less I think it will turn out to be anything at all, despite the spectacle of it all.

  6. I agree that Zete was certainly made into a poster boy for this type of incident. However, police involvement carries repercussions that are much larger or much smaller, depending on what happens.

    The Zete papers were retrieved from a dumpster on private property by a student who had no permission to be there. As such, the investigation was confined to the College. The AD incident involved police with a legal search warrant, which means that it will either be very, very bad for the fraternity, or, assuming that nothing incriminating is found, very embarassing for the police (and the College as well, I suspect).

    Dartlog took down its post for exactly that reason; the incident at hand does not involve any current members of the house, so there's no real reason to rake them over the coals simply on hearsay.

    PS I've heard from brothers that the tape no longer exists, but it was, in fact, connected to Libby.

  7. Anonymous1:43 PM

    "there's no real reason to rake them over the coals simply on hearsay."

    And The Review usually holds itself to that standard, right?