June 10, 2006

"God bless him, he has the hands of a prison doctor..."

That is not a quote that will be found in this [pdf], a speech for the London School of Economics, delivered by David Graeber, an avowed anarchist. Graeber has just been shown the door by Yale, where he taught anthropology. Although he is broadly considered to be one of the great young anthropologists in the world, his outspokenness and activism apparently trumped his academic work in accounting for the no-rehire. Anyway, it's a fantastic speech.

The above quote does come from Seth MacFarlane (The Family Guy creator), who gave Harvard's Class Day speech. (youtube)

Part 1

Part 2 (in Peter Griffin's voice)

Part 3 (in Stewie Griffin's voice)

Part 4 (in Quagmire's voice—not really that funny)

The kid right behind MacFarlane is incredibly annoying. Watch out. (both items via Metafilter)

And while you have some free time, check out Ben Taylor's blog. Ben is an executive editor of The Dartmouth and an all-around great guy, although he is a Cubs fan.


  1. As executive editor, is Ben the guy who decided to not publish my letter, and more importantly to not stop running the "Daily Limerick?"

  2. Ben Taylor voted for Kerry in the primary and is a shitty editor. I kind of like him though.

  3. I just want to say, Ben's a really nice guy, and it's tough being an editor. thanks.