May 4, 2007

The D Sucks at Endorsements

After a weak and equivocating failure to endorse anyone in the Trustee race, The D editorial board summoned up its consensus-building powers (political fallout be damned, because SA matters!) to make a laughably idiotic suggestion: Voting for Jaromy Siporen.

Clearly swayed by the polished rhetoric of a candidate who advocates massive, radical change, but lacks a plan more substantive than the restoration of crosswalks, The D wants you to vote for Siporen. Or maybe The D is just incensed by the consumer-gouging injustice of Sunja's sushi monopoly. In hopes of restoring a competitive free-market in locally produced, northern New England mock-Japanese food, they are willing to endorse someone who is the (maybe 2nd) least serious and (by a hair) the most toolish candidate in a crowded field of sub-par options.

One might inquire, "Why do this?" Having made their distaste for Carlos evident (the editorial is as much an anti-endorsement of Carlos as it is an endorsement of J. Sip), the D was still left with a few respectable options. But passing up Travis Green as too SA status-quo in favor of Siporen, the defender of inane rules and arcane practice (he was SA Parliamentarian for three years), would suggest this isn't really about who The D thinks is best. For reasons completely beyond me, Siporen has managed to play well with the freshman crowd, and sadly does have a reasonable shot at winning, especially when one considers that Raj and Nova will be splitting votes out of the same demographic. (Can you actually split votes in IRV?) Failing a convincing rationale to endorse anyone, The D just wants to bet on a winning horse.

Well, way to make a well-reasoned decision guys. As SA continues to become yet more of an irrelevant joke, you can all be comforted in knowing that The D gets to march down that road right alongside its candidate.


  1. Anonymous2:15 AM

    "Failing a convincing rationale to endorse anyone,"

    Did you somehow skip over the first four paragraphs of the editorial? You may disagree that the reasons The D gives merit an endorsement, but you cannot arbitrarily claim that they are unconvincing to everybody.

    "The D just wants to bet on a winning horse."

    Use your brain. The D has absolutely no inscentive whatsoever to pander to anyone involved with SA, period. SA is utterly dependent on The D to cling to any remaining relevance it has. The D as a student power center blows the Assembly out of the water; it is the Assembly that relies on The D, not the other way around. To suggest that the Board of The D has anything to gain from supporting the winning candidate--whose fate it controls, through news coverage--is ludicrous.

    Niral Shah, do everyone a favor. Don't just rail. If you want to lob bombs, aim.

  2. Anonymous2:54 AM

    go Jaromy!

    Fuck Niral Shah

    Fuck lgb

    Fuck iGreen (wtf?)

    Fuck connor shepherd

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    dude, did you even read the editorial? like it or not, the D is right, of all the candidates jaromy is the most qualified. and of all the candidates, siporen is the most committed to bring the change that dartmouth needs.

  4. Dude, are you at all acquainted with that worthless monstrosity, known as Student Assembly, or with Siporen's recent role in shooting down reform. Qualifications aren't at all relevant nor necessary.

    Siporen is a bloated hypocrite, which, now that I think about it, is the only qualification necessary. Is, then, he a first amongst peers—in that regard, yes.

  5. Anonymous7:52 PM