May 3, 2007

Farewell Pending

I've realized that I have about two weeks left before my thesis is due. After that, I won't want to do anything. I definitely won't want to blog, and for the next two weeks I almost assuredly won't be blogging (or shouldn't, at least, if I want to get my thesis done). And I hope you all will ridicule me if I blog here after I've graduated.

So that leaves me sort of saying goodbye. I may post intermittently over the next few weeks if something strange or terrible happens, but I hope I'm pretty much done. There will definitely still be posts coming from the others, of course; Niral and the other 08s will see to that.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I've really enjoyed reading your thoughts and opinions on a variety of issues. I think your snarkyness has been funny, and your posts have been what have kept me coming back to this blog over the past academic year. Good luck with your thesis, and I hope you post again before you graduate.

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    All this education finally paying off... don't worry, we'll come visit you at your new full-time job at starbucks.

    here's a useful tip: when pouring coffee, it is all in the wrist.

  3. frequent anonymous5:08 PM

    I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and your answers to my questions and jabs. Good luck.

    11:26 is obviously unfamiliar with Starbucks. The regular coffee comes out of those big dispensers, where you just pull a tab to dispense it. There's no "pouring," and rather than being in the wrist, it's in the finger. The espresso is made in a different machine, and again, it's dispensed rather than poured. The trick there is loading the machine with the coffee grounds in the first place, and otherwise learning how to operate the machine. This probably varies by location and can be easily learned by any Dartmouth grad.

    Syrups are also dispensed through a pump, much like hand soap in most people's home bathrooms. The only thing they really "pour" there is the milk, which they pour from plastic bottles into metal containers for steaming, but there's no special skill there. Anyone who drinks milk knows how to do it. But I imagine it's more in the full arm than the wrist, and that saying "pouring" is all in the wrist is like saying that lifting heavy boxes is all in the back.

    I haven't worked at Starbucks, but I've ordered coffee several times and occasionally peered behind the counter while waiting for my coffee.

    It's fine to joke about what English majors do when they graduate, but that particular insult was executed rather poorly.