May 8, 2007

SA Elections: Travis Green Wins

Travis Green will be Student Body President, with his "running mate" Ian Tapu serving as Vice President. The full results, in somewhat messy form (all 12 "rounds" of runoff), can be found here.
Overall, Nova had a far stronger showing and broader appeal than I think many expected, coming in second place, benefiting about as much as Green from Carlos being eliminated, and being the largest beneficiary of Raj's elimination. For VP, Tapu pretty much dominated off the bat.

Also worth noting, three people writing in our beloved DFP chief Travis Mushett for '08 SA Class Rep was enough to get him elected. Thanks, whoever the other two of you are, Travis is thrilled to serve alongside his fellow luminaries. My consolations to Carlos for not getting the spot, despite having the same exact number of votes.

So, another year, another SA. Let us all rejoice.
(More election results in the comments section).


  1. Voter Turnout: 2156

    Student Body President
    Travis Green

    Student Body Vice President
    Ian Tapu

    Class of 2008 President
    Tess Reeder

    Class of 2008 Vice President
    Jonathan Gordon

    Class of 2010 President
    Frances Vernon

    Class of 2010 Vice President
    Shaun Stewart

    Committee on Standards Representative
    Leslie Shribman
    Frank Glaser
    JeanCarlos Bonilla
    Jean Ellen Cowgill
    Courtney Chou
    Harshil Shah

    Organizational Adjudication Committee Representative
    Idan Ariel
    Christopher J. Ryan
    Laura Little
    Alexander Hodes
    Morgan Cawdrey
    Anthony Guzman

    Green Key Society Member
    Elias Tapley
    Lauren Breach
    Felida Rodriguez
    Harshil Shah
    Jonathan Sheller
    Gregory O'Sullivan
    Tammer Raouf
    Ayla Glass
    Timothy Edmonds
    Samuel Kennedy
    Diana Metobo
    Nathan Niparko
    Angela Chou
    Diana Punko
    Nathaniel Smith
    Douglas Brown, Jr.
    David Hollenberg
    Kaytelin Suslavich
    Rashmi Agarwal
    Bryan Chong

    2008 Student Assembly Class Representative
    Jacqueline B. Loeb
    Jeffrey K. Coleman
    Corey B. Chu
    Jaromy R. Siporen
    Ephraim Froehlich
    Erin A. Johnson
    David N. Glovsky
    Kyle A. Jazwa
    Haley R. Morris
    Travis Mushett

    2009 Student Assembly Class Representative
    Molly Bode
    Ruslan Tovbulatov
    Raymond E. Rodriguez
    David Nachman
    Harshil Shah
    Neil Kandler
    Kathryn N. Whisenhunt
    Christian Kiely
    Ayla Glass
    Jacob Kahane

    2010 Student Assembly Class Rep
    David Imamura
    Cory Cunningham
    Landon Brown
    Nathan Bruschi
    Robert Hoffman
    Lawton Leung
    Taylor Stevenson
    Jennifer Argote
    Janill Espaillat
    Sara Hudner

  2. iGreen... meh. Could have been worse, but luckily, that candidate came in last place.

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