April 30, 2007

SA Race

For President (the all important facebook group tally—as of Monday morning Tuesday night—in parentheses):
Molly Bode (None, might withdraw)
Travis Green (52, although technically it's a group supporting both Green and Tapu) (84)
Raj Koganti (17) (111)
Carlos Mejia (33) (42)
Nova Robinson (No facebook group) (42)
Jaromy Siporen (68) (78)

For Vice:
Nathan Bruschi '10
(31) (including all my favorite freshmen ("Future Senator from NY" David Imamura, "Future Dartmouth Trustee" Peter Matthews, and "Only D Columnist everyone reads" Zach Gottlieb) (37)
David Nachman (41) (52)
Ian Tapu (116) (136)

Carlos Travis/Ian win the word count award, but only by a couple over Jaromy, at 465 handily, with 729, blowing Carlos and Jaromy away. Jaromy, however, has the most planks, including but not limited to:
• Get the crosswalk from the Green to the Hopkins Center back (between both intersections).
• Eliminate Sunja’s Monopoly on sushi.
• Dining Options for Athletes – Spending $20 on Dinner is Unacceptable for our athletes.

Because students really pay attention to crosswalks any way. And those Sunja people are evil. And athletes are really the only people who deserve cheaper meals.

Thoughts? Gossip?


  1. Anonymous12:06 PM

    On day one, everything changes!

    everything=maybe a crosswalk

    sounds like intense SA reform

  2. An '033:44 PM

    Back in the day (and I'm talking way back circa 2000), where The Pavilion now is, stood a dining hall called Westside. Westside had but one purpose: to serve enormous amounts of all-you-can-eat food at low, low prices to athletes. It lost shitloads of money, and didn't really make anyone all that happy. So, it went away. All you can eat food was a failed experiment at Dartmouth.

    If you look at the cost of all you can eat dining at most colleges, it is similar to Dartmouth's dining options for the overwhelming majority of students, and students benefit from more choices and more made-to-order options. It's just a little scary to see things priced out by the item at Dartmouth, giving the (mostly false) impression that we pay more for food than at other schools.

    There is, however, one caveat: at other schools, big eaters (like football players) are subsidized by the little eaters. At Dartmouth, everyone essentially pays for his or her own share. Fair? Some people will say it's not, but based on the Westside experiment, I'd have to say that pay-as-you-go is a superior option.

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I think the real solution is to make every DDS dining hall an independent entity. Then maybe the forces of competition will bring prices down and prevent moronic things like cage free eggs and free trade bananas from ever happening. Hell, we might even start paying market-level wages.

  4. do you really think dartmouth students using their dba are going to behave like rational consumers? way to go.


  5. Anonymous7:03 PM

    You know what's less acceptable than someone paying $20 for dinner? The fact that even with putting the lowest possible amount of money on my DBA account every term, DDS will still be stealing about $400 from me (or my parents) in 5 weeks, because there is no possible way I could eat that much extra dining hall food between now and then. There are far bigger problems with DDS than people who eat more food having to pay more money; for instance, people who eat less food not being allowed to pay less money.


  6. Anonymous9:00 PM

    You're either anorexic or you live on free saltines.

  7. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Raj Koganti just passed Jaromy Siporen and has 80 people on his group. But if you notice, alot of them are '07's or alumni. it shouldn't be an indication of his performance.

    so who is going to win?

  8. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Hey 5:01, you conservatives already had your overly-free market experiment in Iraq and you fucked that up. You don't get DDS!

  9. Anonymous1:18 PM

    I really hope that "ending Sunja's sushi monopoly" is a joke. Where the hell else does he expect to find pseudo-fresh sushi in the middle of New Hampshire?

  10. SA Debate tonight: http://dartmouthsa.blogspot.com/

  11. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Here's an idea - let's not vote in the election. It's a fucking sad state of affairs when every single candidate has the same useless platform. And who are the frontrunners? Carlos and that sig nu tool Siporen? You've got to be kidding me. I'd rather give them all the finger and just rewatch the South Park episode with the giant douche and the turd sandwich.

    And connor, you're wrong about Dartmouth students acting totally irrationally with their DDS money. You're right, it's not the same as real money - the term that's beginning to gain popularity is "monopoly money". But then, you could make the argument that Dartmouth students aren't ever rational with their money, because it's all Daddy's anyway. If DDS wasn't padded by the fact that there's a minimum buy-in for your dining plan every term, they'd have to work a hell of a lot harder to stay afloat. For the amount of DBA I spend on an average meal, I could have eaten at Boloco or Ramunto's or something. You're telling me that if those two were on equal footing, that you'd take the FoCo slop over it? Hanover's a small place - the College should work out a deal with local private enterprises so that they'd be willing to take DBA (even if at a slight premium to cover the cost of transaction). Even if you're right that Dartmouth kids are rich and spoiled, I think that in this scenario, they'd still be smart enough to go elsewhere for food that's either better or cheaper.

    It's true, at other schools, normal (or skinny) people subsidize athletes (and Carlos Mejia). But that happens here too. People who don't give a shit how bad you treat a chicken before you kill it or steal its eggs are subsidizing people who do care. What's the benefit of cage free eggs and fair trade bananas? I'd assume it's the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing that your chicken had a bloody good time between the egg-shitting sessions it had every day or that your banana was supplied to you by an independent farm or a morally righteous company or whatever. That's fine - the price increase makes sense for people who care about those things because they're paying for the food and the bullshit all in one. For people who don't care about those things, and thus don't accrue any benefit from them, they're literally being forced to pay for something they don't receive so that others can. Here's an experiment: what if DDS had both cage-free eggs and fair trade bananas side by side with enslaved tortured chicken eggs and wage slave 3rd world exploitation bananas? The products could be clearly marked and priced accordingly. I'm not saying one would win over the other (because it's not just the conservative Dartmouth students with money to blow - lots of stupid hippies have rich daddies and houses in the Hamptons too), but it would be nice to have the option to pay less because you don't care.

  12. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Do people really read Zach Gottlieb?

    I'm skeptical.

    Everyone I knows has read him once and immediately tired of his schtick