April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech Shooting

Though details are still uncertain, it is becoming clear that an immense and surreal tragedy has taken place at Virginia Tech. The police chief is reporting 22 dead, and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's office is reporting 32 dead after a shooting rampage that seems to have stretched over two hours of the early morning. The incident began with a 911 call from a freshmen dormitory around 7am, and concluded two hours later when the gunman resurfaced at a science building across campus, apparently taking his own life as well.

From Sigma Delt: "For those who haven't heard, there was a shooting today at Virginia Tech. A Vigil will be held tonight on Collis Porch at 8pm. Please join us."

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  1. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Note, Malchow via Instapundit has already figured out why the shooting happened. Not enough guns on campus.
    "Glenn Reynolds learns that Virginia Tech, by law, is 'a gun-free campus,' but of course only for trustworthy citizens. The ideology that inspires sweeping bans against all firearms is a deadly one indeed."