April 9, 2007

Attn: Internet Stalker Guy

Hello, anonymous internet hater- the one who keeps posting a weird tirade down in the comments of the Bruschi article. Tell you what: you put your name on it, you tell me face-to-face what your problem is, and I'll leave the comment up with my name spelled however you want.

I'm not under any illusions about the way people on this site feel about me, etc. etc., especially people who have a hard time reading any political writing that isn't completely written in earnest. So it's not because I take personal offense to what you wrote that I'm taking it down- it is purely because Google can fuck with your paper, and I want my top 10 hits to be as clean as Weezy's white tee.

In fact, for future reference, here is the way we feel about commenters on the site: if we don't like it, we'll take it down. If you think that makes us pussies, fuck you. This isn't Chuck-E-Cheese. Plus, at least we HAVE comments.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Just to make this clear—by comments we don't like, Connor doesn't mean comments we disagree with, but rather comments that have no content other than baseless personal attacks.

    I'm leaving mine up, btw. I really hope everyone knows that I'm "decidedly short and unattractive."

  2. Blogger code of conduct:


    Just heard a story about this on NPR today. Figured it applied to the topic of the post. Enjoy.

  3. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Connor's mother needs to wash his mouth out with soap, but as he admits his writings are "not in earnest" anyway, why bother? I guess his admission proves he is never to be taken seriously.

  4. andy, i think the deal is that you were "short and DECIDEDLY unattractive."

    see, i think that's more of a burn because the inference is that "short" can be determined by empiricism, i.e. here's some national data about medians of height, here's how tall you are etc. but since attractiveness is difficult if not impossible to measure empirically, they wanted to make sure that the opinion put forward regarding your relative attractiveness is backed by some sort of consensus.

    what actually happened was this: during one of your off-terms, TDR and heorot sponsored a joint "Andrew Seal is ugly and queer" meeting, putting forward two resolutions. the first stipulated that you were totally gay, the second that you were so ugly anyway, God. after the voting period concluded, there was a dome-off.

    to be totally honest with you, i attended the meeting intending to vote "nay" on both resolutions, but i lost my resolve due to fears that all those dudes would think i was some sort of homo.

    so i am forced to conclude that i myself was part of the mechanism which allows our anon. friend to assert that you are "decidedly unattractive," for it was indeed decided by TDR, heorot, and me.

  5. Oh, I guess you're right. I thought "decidedly" was in reference to both adjectives, but I can see it would be redundant when referring to an empirical fact.

  6. Alastair Mackay4:41 PM

    Definitely delete trollish comments. No apologies to genuine readers is needed--we can go elsewhere to get our stupidity fix.

    I've written in a couple of times to dissent. Others do so regularly. Not only do the words stay up, they get measured responses.

    So as far as I can see, you encourage a range of opinions on the subjects of the posts. That's as I would hope things would be.

  7. Anonymous9:32 PM

    I love you connor.