April 26, 2007

Liveblogging the Debate (i'm sitting right next to Niral)

7:22 - Hillary on the whims of a market economy: "I represent a big state with a lot of poor people."

7:24 - Chris Dodd: "There aren't qualified people running for public office."
Democratic primary voters: "who is Chris Dodd?"

7:29 - Apparently someone named Mike Gravel is running for president....He's a former senator whose loud voice is matched only by his excessive gesticulation.

7:37 - Dodd "does not regret" his vote to confirm chief justice John Roberts, but rather, he's "disappointed" that a Republican nominee would vote against a woman's right to choose. Shocking!

7:41 - Richardson is the NRA's favorite Democrat. He's "a westerner," where the second amendment is "precious." He supports guns, but not those who use them irresponsibly (i.e. by murdering people).

7:51 - Gravel compares himself to a potted plant. He wilts in the shade and loves loud music.

7:52 - When asked about his biggest mistake, he Joe Biden responded, "overestimating this administration's confidence and underestimating its arrogance." With this, Biden shows that he's an able politician after all. I could have sworn he was going bring up the whole articulate black man fiasco.

7:57 - Someone named Augie in South Carolina asks Sen. Edwards a question via email. Edwards responds that his father worked in a mill.

8:01 - As indicated above, I'm sitting right next to Niral. We're going to get food. Hunger before politics. But as far as politics goes, it has got to be Obama.

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