April 4, 2007

Yale Hates America

Three Yale students were jailed early yesterday morning for flag burning. Hyder Akbar ’07, Nikolaos Angelopoulos ’10 and Farhad Anklesaria ’10 burnt a flag flying from a house on Chapel St. in Fair Haven. Police officers who had earlier assisted the students by giving them directions back to campus stumbled upon the burning flag, and promptly arrested the students (who readily confessed).
According to the Yale Daily News, "[t]he students were set to spend Tuesday night in jail after a Superior Court judge refused to release the men without bail, the Register reports. The bail for Akbar and Angelopoulos was set at $25,000 and was $15,000 for Anklesaria." The two freshmen are both foreign citizens, and the third student is a naturalized citizen of Pakistani origin. This third student apparently was also a translator for US forces during the invasion of Afghanistan, and wrote a memoir based on the experience.

Between this and that whole "Yale Taliban" incident, isn't obvious that that Yale hates America?


  1. Y'0610:34 AM

    Seriously dude: they weren't arrested for flag-burning, they were arrested for misdemeanor and endangerment. And that too when the kids were most likely drunk.


  2. omg we have yale readers i am so honored you just made my fucking day.

  3. isn't this a bit of a generalization? i mean seriously...