April 26, 2007


Its only fair that, since I got an introduction when I signed on here, Mr. Cohen gets one as well. Morgan is an '08, best described as a double major in Government, though he does dabble a bit in Film, among other disciplines. I highly recommend checking out some of Morgan's writing over at the DFP, especially his recent piece on The "New" SDS. Of course, you could just check out Facebook, but that would be far too easy.
Morgan is known for his impassioned argumentation, and on a perhaps not completely unrelated note, a notorious incident in which a disgruntled neo-con threw a punch at him in the middle of class. Good times, those. So, welcome to our newest poster, Morgan.


  1. Oh, that Morgan Cohen. I believe you were occupying room 221 in Collis yesterday immediately before I had to use it.

  2. i never got an introduction

    niral, you gotta introduce me man