April 26, 2007

Liveblogging the Debate

7:17 – Hillary responds by saying “I think Barack is absolutely right.” Barack, eh? She's hellbent on playing up her experience these days, I guess not acknowledging that Barack is her equal, a fellow Senator, she can pull the focus off the fact that her experience led to her to vote for the war?

7:20 – John Edwards has a fancy haircut. He’s also the son of a millworker. Let the enlightening discourse continue.

7:25 - Bill Richardson: "I think the American people want candor, they don't want blow-dried candidates." This is a clear shot at John Edwards, unless Richardson is refering to his own staff having to wean him off the womanizing.

7:28 - Kucinich is talking. The man can speak nothing but truth.

7:29 - "I am Mike Gravel. I am a crazy, crazy, old man. Nuclear Devices, NUCLEAR DEVICES!"
Actually, dude just called everyone out on their gradual withdrawal Iraq whatnot.

7:45 - Edwards calls out Brian Williams for not focusing on actual, substantive issues. When asked about health care, goes on to talk about how he's the only one with a plan, and how important plans are.

8:00 - I'm hungry and I've mostly stopped caring. Since nobody really pays attention to the actual issues anyway, I hope everyone's realized that, if they had to pick a face, a voice, and a demeanor to speak to them from the White House, it would be Obama.

8:19 - Scratch that. Kucinich and Gravel co-president charismatic powerteam. There's no losing.

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  1. kelley8:06 PM

    Edwards' hair is coming undone...