October 26, 2009

'13s = worst class of all time! OF ALL TIME!!!

From The Dartmouth:
In a buck of tradition, no students touched the Homecoming bonfire on Friday or rushed the field at Saturday’s football game.

There were also three arrests for non-alcohol related charges — two for simple assault and one for using false identification — according to Hanover Police.

“We did not have a single incident of any kind during the bonfire or during the game,” Montas said. “And that is a first.”

Hanover Police Chief Nicholas Giaccone said he could not recall a bonfire when there were no arrests.

Seriously guys, I don't think you will ever fully understand what a disappointment your class is to this school and every generation who came though its doors before you. Everyone lines the fire ring and attends the game to show their spirit, yes, but mostly to watch your class prove itself by touching the fire and rushing the field.

This weekend, your class proved itself unworthy. The '13s have officially lost the right to jeer any and all subsequent classes as they engage in Homecoming "traditions," or the ability to show their faces at future bonfires without some look of shame. Of course, it makes no individual sense for you lowly freshmen to touch the fire (under fear of arrest and second degree burns), but your class exists in the aggregate, and in homecoming is the glory dispersed.

If one of you had touched the fire, we might pass you on the green -- you wearing that green shirt with your class numerals -- and wonder, "was that the freshman godly enough to redeem his/her class and make Ol' Wheelock proud?"

But now we know. It definitely wasn't you. Because none of you did it. worstclassever.


  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    amen. and amen. and amen.

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    why do you spend all your time with 13s then?