October 26, 2009


These past few days I've been honored to celebrate all that is Dartmouth. This weekend, of course, was Homecoming, and quite a few alums were around to celebrate with me. Looking around on Friday and Saturday I was happy to see that those alums seemed to agree with my sentiment: Dartmouth is our home.

I'm still a green little freshman even after what seems like a (blissful) eternity here at Dartmouth. But at least now I've had the privilege of attending classes and running around the bonfire. I've had the chance to attend the Homecoming football game; I've waved at Jim Yong Kim as he cheered on our team from the sideline; I've gasped in pleasant surprise as the Big Green football team scored touchdowns. All of these things can't begin to encompass that which is Dartmouth, I know, but participating in these things makes one truth evident to me: Once Dartmouth, always Dartmouth. Dartmouth will always be my home.

And so today as I write from here in Hanover I'd just like to express my gratitude and happiness at the fact that all of us Dartmouth students and alums can come together to honor our school, our family, and our home. Whatever happens to us in the coming years will never change the emotion we feel when seeing the "Welcome Home" sign over Collis, or when cheering for the bonfire to be lit, or when screaming in support of the good old football team.

We are family. We are green. We are Dartmouth.

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