October 12, 2009

Yo dawg!

Another internet meme that has recently attracted LGB's attention is the "yo dawg" meme. The meme features Xzibit, the host of the television show "Pimp My Ride," wherein Xzibit takes participants' cars and customizes them to the participants' unique preferences, in ways cars rarely are. When debuting a renovated car to someone who likes to cook on the show, for example, Xzibit might say, "Yo dawg, we put an oven in your car so you can bake while you drive."

The meme went viral with the first image pictured below and continued along the same format. Have a look. I think Xzibit's curiously pleasant smile really adds the extra kick. (Bonus points if you can guess which of the ones below was generated by a Dartmouth student).


  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    So old!

  2. Anonymous3:05 AM

    way to go, you're easily a year behind the times. welcome to the internet