June 2, 2010

Sun God publishes video manifesto, school shooting his inevitable next step

Dartmouth's "The Sun God" today published a video manifesto, thereby providing campus with the final perfunctory warning sign before he inevitably engages in a mass-casualty attack, most likely at the upcoming Commencement exercises. Video manifestos have become a staple of modern terrorists, from Islamic suicide bombers to those engaging in psychological warfare, like the Kardashians. Regardless, while I applaud the quality of the video, I now lament the fact that when The Sun God kills us all, however he is planning to do it, we will be unable to say that we never saw it coming. Because, let's be honest, we totally do.

For those unfamiliar with "The Sun God," he appears to be Hanover's equivalent of a village idiot: a buffoon who travels freely about campus doing odd or embarrassing things, while the admissions department desperately tries to hide him from outsiders and while we all learn a lesson about social tolerance. Though he's usually silent, apparently when he does speak he exhibits almost a Charles-Manson-esque psychotic charisma that, rumor has it, has helped him to enlist a sidekick in his late-night adventures. And get this: she's a girl!

Full video and commentary after the jump.

The video starts out with shots of the Sun God interpretatively dancing to what I presume are snippets of movie dialogue blasting from the speakers on his Batman-like belt, interspersed with vox populi of students commenting on the suffocating strangeness of it all. We then are treated to views of Recor's room in graduate student housing and marvel at the tasteful line it walks between 'super-villain lair' and 'narcissistic shrine'. As Sun God starts recounting his surprisingly inspiring philosophy of love, the video continually to cuts to him performing various physical feats of disturbing intensity, including fighting wooden pegs and sledge-hammering a massive tire. Sun God explains that he will continue this project of his 'until the day he dies' and ends the video with clips from his (in)famous Love March, where he walks around campus with a gang of oddly-accent individuals carrying banners and flanked by security.

My personal favorite quote of the entire video comes at 6:36.
Asian guy on phone being interviewed: "Say what?... I really don't want to be fuckin' associated with this group."
Watch it for yourself:


  1. D'121:55 PM

    I heard that he's already reserved Baker Tower as his sniper's nest.

  2. Anonymous2:02 PM

    As a '14 i'm worried about my saftey next year. Has H-Po been involved with this guy yet ? He looks like a prowler.

  3. teh D2:12 PM

    and I quote...
    (1) in "Undeterred, ‘Sun God’ shines on"
    Recor said in an interview with The Dartmouth. “They wanted to see my face. Hanover Police was concerned for a while."

    (2)in "Riding shotgun: A night on patrol with the HPD"
    The officers expressed their amusement with Dartmouth’s “Sun God,” public performer Johnathan James Recor MALS ’10.

    “Light saber guy was downtown today,” Luther announced to the room. “He’s got music playing. I don’t know where it is, but he’s got music playing.”

    Fowler had to enlighten an apparently confused Culver, who had not previously encountered Recor.

  4. holy shit6:29 PM

    I thought you were just being snarky when you said the video is scary, but holy shit, it's actually terrifying. Those shots of him banging the huge tire with the creepy music in the backgroud--wtf?

  5. Anonymous7:48 AM

    The only act of terror in this article is that manifested by the author - Arnold Tungsten. You are trying to inspire public violence not only against the artist but also within and his college peers to which he regularly performs. The content of this article is defamation of character and is against the law. This article should be removed and you should be ashamed of yourself for publishing something so malicious. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if JJR filed a law suit - I know I would.

  6. D'106:10 PM

    it's amazing how much shit people have dished out to JJR.

  7. Anonymous6:53 PM

    what a nasty article - I agree w/anonymous 7:48

  8. Anonymous1:03 AM

    6:53, you're a fucking toolbag. Trying to muzzle free speech like the reactionary alumni. Have you not heard of satire? Have you not heard of the First Amendment? You need to purchase a one-way Air Koryo ticket to North Korea and get down on Kim Jong-Un's dick. I hear he's looking for cabinet positions for the new North Korean government- you can be Minister of Fuckbaggery.

  9. Anonymous1:27 AM

    The weirdest part for me was when that song "Where There's A Whip, There's A Way" from the animated LOTR movie was playing. What the fuck.

  10. Anonymous11:42 PM

    1:03, The article reads more like slander then satire. The guy is a street performer and the author compares describes him as if he is a terrorist. That is rather harsh/cruel. In my opinion, Sun God is the best thing that happened to Hanover.

  11. Anonymous1:21 PM

    As overheard at the 2010 polar bear swim at Occom, "Ignore the Sun God, and he'll go away."