February 21, 2005

Dartmouth c. 2030...

...maybe like Dartmouth c. 1930?

Those class-acts at Power Line are waging quite a bit on the upcoming election of two more trustees to the Dartmouth board.

The candidates they endorse, Todd Zywicki '88 and Peter Robinson '79, are particularly dedicated to the all-important educational value of football and other shteakery and to ending the supposed political correctness crippling Dartmouth.

These two candidates are trying to reproduce the petition-and-write-in victory of T.J. Rodgers, another white male, who was elected to the board last year by alumni who are, presumably, largely from the good ole' pre-coeducation days. Though not an outspoken political partisan, Rogers was known as a CEO for indoctrinating employees with Ayn Rand. He belives Dartmouth is spending too much money in "the diversity area" and "wants the college to stop adding ethnic studies classes and refocus its resources on the fundamentals."

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  1. Anonymous8:04 PM

    If these guys have their way, Dartmouth will lose alot of institutional credibility, and noone will want to teach here. We will literally become the conservative school that alot of people think we are already. The BYU of the Ivy League.