May 17, 2005

Con Rock

In keeping with the recent spirit of this blog, I thought I'd do some investigative work into the evils being done by Cons in my particular area of expertise: music.

It didn't take long to dig up some disgusting abuses of the arts in this country by the current administration. Thats right, awful Con rock FINANCED and SUPPORTED BY our Federal Government. And despite all of the dollars being poured into these musical acts I have never heard a single god damn one of them. Its a pretty disturbing realization of the inadequacies of our beaucracy when record label payola outstrips our own mighty iron-fisted federal institution, and we get, say, "The Killers," on every fucking radio dial in the nation, while the labors of "Sixteen Beat" go completely unrecognized. But at least "The Killers" aren't Cons. And if they are they're too busy banging chicks and mainlining horse to bother me much (and at least doing it on their own dime.) Whatever.

Fuck you cons! And your paltry overfunded attempts at rock and roll! I'll stick with the MC5.

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