May 18, 2005

Norman Mailer's got a hunch

Rathergate and now the Newsweek affair. Two disastrous cases of misinformation from sources assumed to be credible.

Misinformation, or counter-intelligence? Norman Mailer probes the question on the Huffington Post:
At the age of eighty-two I do not wish to revive old paranoia, but Lenin did leave us one valuable notion, one, at any rate. It was "Whom?" When you cannot understand a curious matter, ask yourself, "Whom? Whom does this benefit?" Dare I suggest that our Right has just gained a good deal by way of this matter?


  1. Whoever is benefitting from a situation is usually controlling it. I really liked this idea freshman year, and I still do.

  2. hmmm, Bennat. Is this perhaps an effect of frequent viewing of The Big Lebowski in 1 Gile freshman year?

    Dude: It's all a goddamn fake. Like Lenin said, look for the person who will benefit. And you will, uh, you know, you'll, uh, you know what I'm trying to say--

    It's hard to argue with the Dude.